Why You Need a Web-Based POS

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Web-based POS systems are all the rage. If you’ve shopped in a next generation retail store you have definitely seen them. Sales associates with phones and tablets taking orders and not just from behind the counter. A world of possibilities are opening up to retailers who are adopting these systems. If you have been debating about kicking your old cash register to the curb, here are some reasons why you will want to consider the switch to a web-based system sooner than later.

Sell from Anywhere!

With a web-based point-of-sale you are not tied to a counter and it allows retailers to enhance customer service and obtain new customers. What web-based means is that you can use any device so long as it has an Internet connection (wi-fi or cell) so that means phones, tablets, and of course PCs. Your in-store team members armed with a mobile POS can take customer orders at any time allowing them to skip the long line at the cashier and prevent lost sales. By obtaining a customer order while they are most enthusiastic about the product is important to converting that customer. The mobility aspect doesn’t just tie the system within the confines of the four walls of your store. Many retailers are taking advantage by setting up Pop-Up shops on street corners or subway stations allowing you to expose your retail store to entirely new audience and accept payment anywhere. The old adage it’s all about location, location, location now doesn’t necessarily mean the same location anymore.

Stay Organized and Increase Productivity

In the age of the customer, shoppers are seeking more convenient ways to buy from your store on their terms – often that means in the convenience of their own home after your store is closed. Whether in-store or online, shoppers are expecting the quality of the experience with your store to be the same and that includes inventory visibility. With a web-based POS system that ties into your inventory management system staying organized and meeting these high customer expectations has never been easier. The seamless synchronization that occurs between a point-of-sale, eCommerce, and your inventory management system ensures that your customers will not be disappointed. Case in point, you sold the last item you had in stock to two customers – one online and one in-store. Before a store can consider selling both online and in a physical store, a web based POS that ties into an inventory management system is crucial. Once implemented, store productivity increases by reducing hours spent doing inventory counts and your online store is always open 24/7 ready to take orders.

All data in one place, allowing for better decision making…

By storing your data all in one place, yet securely backed up in the cloud you can enhance the knowledge you have of your business. With a web-based POS and inventory management system the extra time you save can be better spent working on your business and less time in it with the insights that pop out of these reports to make you a more successful retailer. Use the available reporting features to determine poor selling items and discover new items to sell with next generation tools like ShipEarly’s Order Capture service.

Future Proof Your Business

One of the best ways to ensure you aren’t left behind in the dust is to keep up with emerging technologies. We all know the Internet and mobile computing is revolutionizing the way we do business. This is the backbone of the future of retail. With a web-based POS and inventory management system you can rest assured your technology will never be outdated again as many are subscription based and offer future upgrades for FREE. Web-based tools are also more scalable that grow with you.

In addition, with the monthly subscription fees you can better plan with your business and assume those monthly costs rather than be faced with a one time bill that could make you choke a horse. The predictability of these costs should lead to better financial planning of your business. In addition, the software of these systems are so easy to use they require limited training for yourself or your staff with little to no setup time.

Furthermore, business productivity applications like ShipEarly that enhance your business ability to generate more sales and lower your costs are going to be arriving with increased frequency. By adopting these systems you can rest assured you will be able to participate and adopt new technologies with ease.

When is the Ideal Time to Switch to a Web-Based POS?

If you can time a switch to a new POS system during a store move or inventory count. If you think it is too expensive to switch, I would ask the question ‘Can you afford not to?’. With the Internet taking up more and more of your business, and 80% of your customers are performing research online before they buy – it’s best to be where your customers are – online.

8 Questions to ask of your prospective web-based POS solution provider:

1) How does the POS manage inventory?

2) How does the POS enhance the shopping experience?

3) Can the POS go mobile?

4) How does the POS sync between online and in-store?

5) As I grow, will the POS grow with me?

6) Does your POS provide analysis and reports?

7) Is training and support included?

8) Is the POS open to outside developers to add custom features and functionality?

Why You Need a Web-Based POS

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