Customers who Research Online, Prefer to Buy There

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Did you know that 82% of customers prefer to perform research on a product they are considering buying online vs traditional means and furthermore 55% after performing the research online want to buy there too? What this means is that a brand’s website is more than likely the area where a customer learns about a product and it is up to that brand to educate customers of how it may fit in their lives.

This includes a comparison of other products from that brand and perhaps even competitors. Like many retailers we interact with they do not have the time or ability to perform this level of analysis for every product or product category they sell in addition to the numerous retailers who are still struggling to get their business online so it falls on the shoulders of branded manufacturers.

By educating customers on a brand’s website it is more likely to convert sales for that brand – so long as they can transact online! Most brands still do not have any eCommerce capability because it would result in a channel conflict with their retail partners. Yet 55% of customers would prefer to buy online rather than in a physical store. With ShipEarly, we are blending the offline and online World’s together so that branded manufacturers and their retail partners both win. ShipEarly turns branded manufacturer websites into online marketplaces for their retail partners to jointly grow sales together. ShipEarly integrates retailers into the online checkout process for both Ship from Store and In Store Pickup options.

If you are interested in growing your sales by becoming a ShipEarly fulfillment partner or want to request a live demo, contact us today!

Customers who Research Online, Prefer to Buy There

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