How Omnichannel Can Lower Abandon Carts

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You work hard to get your prospective customer to add products to cart – so why don’t they buy? According to recent research by VWO the #1 reason is suddenly encountering unexpected shipping costs. Sure, shipping is expensive, but you do not have to eat the cost by giving free shipping on every order. Here is how you can lower your abandon cart rate and increase overall customer happiness by adopting omnichannel.

Top Reasons Consumers Abandon Cart

  1. Unexpected Shipping Cost (25%)
  2. Having to Create a New User Account (22%)
  3. Need to Conduct Additional Research (17%)
  4. Concerns About Payment Security (15%)
  5. Long and Confusing Checkout (9%)

So in knowing all of this, how does ShipEarly’s omnichannel success platform help with cart abandonment? Simple, we integrate retailers into the checkout to provide amazing consumer experiences to eliminate most common roadblocks leading to cart abandonment.

Unexpected Shipping Costs

With ShipEarly when consumers decide to have their order sent to a retailer, shipping is free. In the event the desired product is already there consumers can even get same day delivery an extra added benefit. No one likes to pay for shipping, and shipping costs are only going up as they outpace inflation. Partnering with retailers is becoming a more viable alternative to deliver product to the consumer.

Creating a New User Account

No one likes to do more work than they have to and that includes when purchasing a product. We believe the fewer roadblocks you place in the way of a consumer the more likely they will buy. Consumers don’t want to provide their information just to go through the checkout process to look for unexpected shipping costs. When shopping on ShipEarly, we never require consumers to register an account to checkout.

Need to Conduct Additional Research

Consumers are increasingly becoming more selective around how they spend their disposable income so it is no surprise that more time is spent in the research phase of the purchase. No one has more information available on their product than you the vendor itself. Your website is the place to go to for research in addition to touching and feeling the product in a physical environment. We help consumers locate products where they can use all of their senses before buying.

Concerns About Payment Security

With our service we encrypt all credit card numbers and they never actually touch our or your servers. In addition, when buying through a retail partner of yours consumers are more likely to trust the transaction as they are buying from someone local instead of someone across the country who will be more accountable to their concerns. By integrating a local retailer, consumers are three times more likely to buy when a product is $500 or higher.

Long and Confusing Checkout

More consumers than ever are checking out with their mobile devices, and that means the experience has to be as short and sweet as possible to encourage completion of checkout. ShipEarly takes the minimum required information from your consumers to allow for checkout while seamlessly providing advanced shipping methods to increase the convenience and lower shipping costs in addition to improving trust when buying local.

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How Omnichannel Can Lower Abandon Carts