Stores are the New Black

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Brick and mortar is coming back in a big way, and it is a result of the merging of online and offline worlds. Here is further research that suggests the amount of money you spend on online advertising to attract a customer to your website actually goes down as you add stores to your network. We are joining several eCommerce gurus in saying that pure-play eCommerce without a store or network of retail stores is more than likely going to go away. The main reason why? It’s what customers want! Customers don’t want to pay for shipping, want the immediacy of being able to pick up an item or have it shipped to your doorstep the same day, the service of being able to have an item assembled by a professional even when bought online.

Now as a brand, and most of you are not Nike, Adidas, Apple, Google, or others that have that cache with customers and cash in the bank to open retail operations, this is where our technology comes in. With ShipEarly, we aim to make every store as if it is your own by integrating your retail stores into the checkout flow you can make it look as though you are one of those big brands with numerous stores, without the inventory, building, investment of money and time to implement it and getting going is easier than you think! With services like ShipEarly, UberRush and others you too can have instant access to tools Wal-Mart, Macy’s have spent millions on to make a statement in your industry.

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Stores are the New Black