Store Associates

Your New Online Competitive Advantage.

Ordering Online in the Store is Retail’s New Normal.

Store Associates: Retail’s Next Big Investment

You have hundreds, possibly thousands, of sales reps in your indirect channel that you depend on every day to sell your product – but how are you connecting with them? Mobilizing store associates with the right tools to help shape the shopping experience increases sales productivity and establishes a positive point of engagement with your brand. Keep your brand front and center by giving sales associates the tools to sell more and create better customer experiences.

Providing Speed, Flexibility, and Insights to Grow All Channels

  • Motivate Sales Teams

    Encourage showrooming by providing dealers and salespeople with the tools, compelling product information, and faster payouts.

  • Deliver Brand Information

    An informed salesperson is a motivated salesperson. Send timely updates on new products and features to help them make the sale.

  • Sell Experiences and Product

    Turn sales associates into storytellers and let them sell your entire catalogue to look beyond what’s just in the store to help them make the sale.

Sell More In Store and Online

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