Prevent Package Theft with Retail as a Service

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Your consumer has been looking forward to getting your online package for a few days. Giddy with excitement, it’s supposed to come today. Finally! But wait…they go outside to the front door to look for it — it’s nowhere to be found. Oh, no. Somebody stole it. That little brown package that was just dropped off, it is a target for theft by people known as ‘Porch Pirates’ that steal online purchases delivered by a courier. According to a recent study by Shorr, of 1,000 people surveyed online, 31% have experienced package theft.

Pirating Results in Lower AOVs and Conversions

This psychological behaviour is resulting in lower average order values for consumers and less purchases as they don’t want to risk having their order stolen. The disturbing trend is particularly high during peak holiday shopping season. As a result, 53% have altered their plans for the day to make sure they were home for a package, despite not having to sign for it. The consumers time is an important consideration with online shopping. Yes they might not have to drive to a store to buy, but they might have to wait for a 4-6 hour delivery window. The higher the ticket price, the more hesitation there is in buying online reducing average order values.

There has to be a better way to boost consumer confidence and drive more online orders. With a whopping 41% of respondents stating they have avoided purchasing certain items online to avoid package theft it is impacting your bottom line.

Solution: Retail as a Service

To thwart Porch Pirate Pete, the solution is to partner with local brick and mortar retailers in what we call ‘Retail as a Service’. Collaborating with retailers online can boost conversions, revenue, and help establish relationships with dealers who can be a pick-up point and showroom your products. With ShipEarly‘s cross-channel sales platform, there is no channel conflict between direct and wholesale. Consumers can buy online with pick-up from a local dealer or have the dealer deliver the product to the consumers home in white glove fashion with scheduling.

61% of respondents think direct to consumer brands are not doing enough to prevent package theft. Here is your chance. 93% of consumers shop between online and physical retail channels anyway. Why not have a showroom dealer for your brand to get found and discovered plus picked-up from making more consumers press the buy button with confidence and trust. By providing your next customer the best of online and physical retail you can boost conversions, revenue, and establish relationships with new accounts.

If interested in learning more about how to become a cross-channel seller and the many more benefits, feel free to book a demo.

Prevent Package Theft with Retail as a Service