Human Interaction Key to Digital Experience & Customer Loyalty

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The next battlefield for consumers is already starting to take shape and its being won and lost on consumer experience. How confident are you in delivering the best possible consumer experience? We hear it all the time, Artificial Intelligence or Robots are going to take our jobs. But one thing they can’t provide is human connection.

It’s How You Sell, Not What you Sell

According to a new study from Calabrio, less than half, 45%, of those surveyed said that brand loyalty is driven by competitive prices. With the difference in product quality from one vendor to another with respect to features or functionality awfully similar its not what you are selling but how you sell it that matters most to consumers now. 61% of consumers say human interaction, not digital, keeps them loyal.

Loyal Consumers Demand More Human Touch Points

Although the thought is you can control the process of selling to consumers when bought direct via eCommerce. The truth of the matter is most of these customers have a pre-existing relationship or are shopping on price alone. The real customers we all crave that spend more and are difficult to reach are cross-channel shoppers. These shoppers covet high-touch sensory environments where they have a sense of belonging, not to mention the instant gratification only physical retail can provide.

Although digital is paramount in creating a compelling and relevant consumer experience, 74% say they are more loyal to a brand if they can speak to someone local in person about the products. 43% of all respondents in the survey would consider switching to a competitor if speaking to a service rep was not an option severely handicapping brands without a physical retail presence.

Which begs the question, what are you doing to introduce human interaction in the consumers path to purchase leading them to your brand and to build loyalty?

Omni-Channel as Key Growth Strategy

Retail Brands are looking for ways to increase human involvement in their brand purchase decision to improve the consumer experience. An Online to Offline platform that can connect the dots for consumers that lead them to your best customers or dealers is paramount for creating long-lasting connectivity, relationships, and sales.

Want to learn if an omni-channel strategy is right for your sales operations to position your team and customers for success? Request a demo to learn more.

Human Interaction Key to Digital Experience & Customer Loyalty