What is Omnichannel Retailing?

Omnichannel retail refers to the seamless integration of online and in-store sales channels. With a centralized order management system, branded manufacturers can efficiently remove traditional eCommerce barriers and enhance the online shopping experience to provide more flexible delivery options that increase the average order value. Spanning across channels and devices, shoppers are free to place orders on your store, how and when they want.

Fuse your brick-and-mortar channel partners with your online store, using a robust solution that offers you, your dealers, and end consumers one consistent experience. With an omnichannel retail solution, manufacturers can reach more customers, elevate dealer loyalty, and make more sales.

Why Your Company Should Go Omnichannel?

Helps Your Company:

  • Centralize sales operations and improve efficiency
  • Get a single view of all sales channel data and inventory reports
  • Reach a wider audience and provide increased convenience to consumers
  • Prevent lost sales as consumers shop between channels
  • Offer a consistent brand experience across channels
  • Enhance Dealer loyalty to capture mind and market share

Helps Your Customers:

  • Sell through inventory and order more
  • Get new customers into their stores
  • Acquire customers in a low-cost fashion
  • Increase sales and service revenue
  • Become more loyal and engaged with your company

What Kind of Manufacurer’s Need an Omnichannel Solution?

Not Selling Online

You are a manufacturer with retail channel partners that provide incredible value to the end consumer. Your main challenge: Your reach is limited to where you have dealers, sales are restricted to dealer hours, and you have no visibility if your online visitors buy in store.

Already Selling Online

You are a manufacturer that is selling direct to consumer with a dealer network. Your main challenge: You are conflicted as your online sales compete with the dealers you aim to partner with. Looking for a way to increase dealer loyalty, online conversions, and margins at retail.

Omnichannel vs Multi-Channel

Multi-channel retailing refers to selling on different platforms including directing an online consumer to an online dealer. This approach does not involve the integration of online, mobile and in-store services or management systems, nor does it offer a consistent shopping experience to customers.

Omnichannel is one continuous shopping flow, an integration of all sales channels. It’s an approach that empowers brands to efficiently manage all aspects of their business, build a strong and consistent brand and develop stronger customer relationships.

The potential for retail success using an omnichannel model is far greater than the sum of all channels.

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