How to Construct Dealer Loyalty

by Shipearly on July 25, 2017 No comments

Loyalty… Does it still exist in retail? Maybe not with consumers but it certainly does still hold true for dealers. Loyalty often means different things to different people but in the context of a brand and retailer relationship it comes down to sales.

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ShipearlyHow to Construct Dealer Loyalty

Want to do Better? 4 Tips to a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy

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Doing business the same way and generating limited returns? If you could change the way business is done and deliver 2-3X in sales, what would hold you back? Fear from changing the way business is done and moving towards the unknown is daunting for many organizations. But ‘sticking to our knitting’ with incremental innovation mainly geared around product enhancements with slim if any returns isn’t going to cut it in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Re-branding? Consumers don’t care as they are becoming less loyal to brands. The competition is fierce, but you can win and here is how you can be on the top of your game

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ShipearlyWant to do Better? 4 Tips to a Successful Channel Marketing Strategy

Online vs Physical Retail. Something has to Give.

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How to perform sales attribution for online sales from a manufacturers website has been a hotly contested area of channel conflict for some time. What we’ve learned is most manufacturers prefer to silo their online and wholesale channels either from a lack of alternatives or it is their preference. But thanks to consumers and Amazon those who perform the status quo are about to get decimated. Your company has been innovating new products and incremental improvements on them, but now more than ever the way products are sold needs to be innovated on. 

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ShipearlyOnline vs Physical Retail. Something has to Give.

Consumer Experience the New Black

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Carrying name brand products used to be the way for dealers to draw customers into their stores. Not anymore. It is becoming less about the brand and more about the consumer experience offered. As consumers are spending more on experiences and less on products, retailers are figuring out how to make shopping an experience worth the trip to the store.

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ShipearlyConsumer Experience the New Black

Fight for Consumers: Amazon vs Brands and Retailers

by Shipearly on June 18, 2017 No comments

The moment we were all waiting for finally arrived. The inevitable entry of Amazon to full-scale brick and mortar retailing with the acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. In boardrooms across the World, companies regardless of industry are now realizing that the combination of digital and acquisition can disrupt their industry overnight. How your company responds to Amazon entering brick and mortar should be a discussion at every board table and here is what you need to know.

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ShipearlyFight for Consumers: Amazon vs Brands and Retailers

How to Avoid Channel Conflict with Dealers When Selling Online

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Channel conflict occurs when companies try to reach end consumers through multiple channels and they all compete with one another. This newly evolved relationship between wholesales/manufacturer and their retailer customer has been augmented by digital research and online purchasing. With the rise of eCommerce, branded manufacturers are facing this dilemma more frequently as traditional sales channels represent the bulk of revenue yet eCommerce is the fastest growing channel and can no longer be ignored. The move to online from direct has created channel conflict, which if you’re a stakeholder or executive at a B2B company this conflict is of serious concern as you’ll be using digital platforms to power new sales channels.

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ShipearlyHow to Avoid Channel Conflict with Dealers When Selling Online

Strategies for Evolving Bicycle Retailer

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Being a bike buyer is no easy task. The industry has had more change in the last year with respect to the way bikes are being bought and sold than the past 100 years. Here is a re-cap of some of the new trends impacting IBDs:

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ShipearlyStrategies for Evolving Bicycle Retailer

Amazon Survival Guide for Furniture Industry

by Shipearly on May 5, 2017 No comments

Many industries such as bicycles, mattresses, and even furniture thought their industries were once untouchable from eCommerce sales and the thought was it would continue on that way until retirement. But consumers and their behaviour has changed shifting more time and spending online increasing the willingness to buy furniture over the Internet. With Amazon poised to enter the furniture industry with their recent push to partner with in-market furniture dealers and buying groups, flags should be raised.

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ShipearlyAmazon Survival Guide for Furniture Industry

Pure-Play Retail is Dying

by Shipearly on February 28, 2017 No comments

The retail industry is becoming very cut throat with razor thin margins. It seems we cannot go one week without an announcement that a retailer is either shuttering locations, declaring bankruptcy, or closing all together. But a new trend is starting to emerge leading to the tables being turned with brick and mortar retailers thriving and eTailers dying.

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ShipearlyPure-Play Retail is Dying

Physical Stores to Fuel Online Sales Growth

by Shipearly on February 26, 2017 No comments

Is eCommerce driving brick and mortar out of business or are physical stores fuelling the next wave of online sales growth? At first glance, the answer seems clear. As eCommerce has seen steady growth stores have always been playing catch up. But without stores, many consumer shopping experiences will fall short of expectations and online sales growth will stall.

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ShipearlyPhysical Stores to Fuel Online Sales Growth